Elevator Manufacturers in Kalyani, Nadia

Elevator Manufacturers in Kalyani, Nadia

Eashan Engineering Elevator , Elevator Manufacturers / Supplier  in Kalyani, Nadia   provides elevators with superior performance and longer working life. We provide range of elevators(Manual and Automatic) like Passenger Elevator , Hospital Elevator, Goods or Freight Elevator, Car Elevator,Hydraulic Elevator and so on.

Eashan Engineering believes in  safety first, so our elevators goes under strict quality checks at different stages of manufacturing. We are the reputed brand of Kalyani , Malda, Siliguri, Midnapore, Kolkata, Burdwan, North 24 Parganas, Siliguri, Hoogly. Eashan Engineering Elevator is also known for its customer services, We provide timely maintenance(Elevator)  through out West Bengal till now.

Eashan Engineering Elevator  Provides


The machine unit will consist of motor, a worm gear reduction unit, An Electro – mechanical brake and “ v” grooved Ferro – Manganese single Wrap traction sheave, all mounted on common bed plate. A suitable TORQUE Motor will be provide. The worm gear unit will be specially Designed manufactured for elevators and will be sent in operation. The Electro – mechanical Brake unit will be normally closed and will open Only when the elevators is in operation.


The elevators will be provided with steel wire specially designed for ELEVATOR duty. ( 13 mm Diameter x3 no.x8-19) MAKE “ USHA MARTIN “


MICRO – PROCESSOR DWON COLLECTIVE CONTROLLER The Controller Is the brain of the elevators which control its movement. It will have Different function 44v AC for motor operation 110 v DC for Cam and Brake etc and 5-12 v Dc for signals. It will consist of Electromagnet / Electronic switches, time and will to0 provided with protective device for The motor.


The care frame will be made of structural steel and will support car Platform and enclosure. It will be filled with self aligning guide shoes and Safety devices. The car frame will be suspended by steel wire ropes wit spring Loaded I – bolts & split pin.


The platform will be made of hard supported wood or plywood on steel Frame and suitable PVC flooring on top.


The car enclose will be made of properly reinforced wood line with Wood line with plastic laminated panels or MS powder coated 18 SWG Cabin provided with cabin Fan and light fixture. The entrance will be Protected by a suitable steel collapsible gate.


An attractively finished multi button operating panel with “Digital floor Position & UP/DN arrow “ display will be installed in side the car. The Push button marking will correspond to the floor destination. Momentary pressure on a button will send car uninterrupted to the Lading selected where it will stop automatically. An emergency which Will be provided In the panel to stop the elevator whenever required. Fan switch will also be provided in the panel.


C F L light fixture.


The landing entrances will be protected by top head steel mid bar type Collapsible gate provided with roller and suitable seals. These gates are To be opened and closed manually.


Circular opening,as usual at at the center of the ceiling, spade out in a s Symmetrical shape to ensure optimum air circulation.


Attractively finished landing push button fixture will be provided.


At each landing momentary pressure on any of this button will bring the Car to the floor from where a call has been made unless the car is Already in operation. UP/DOWN signal indicate the movement of the car will be incorporate in the landing push button fixture.


Floor stop switch will be installed inside hoist way to stop the elevators Automatically at a particular floor if a call is made from that floor.


CAR GATE SWITCH: An electrical switch will be provided in such manner as not to allow the Car start till gate or door is closed properly.


Car start till gate or door is closed properly. Whenever the car will attain a predetermined speed (which is higher Than the rated speed ) while descending the over speed governor will Operate this in turn, will activate the safety device locked on the car to stop. A Switch on the governor and another switch on the safety will simultaneously disrupt the controller.


Spring buffer will be installed at the pit floor to absorb the shock in case The car travels to the extreme limits of its travels.


The landing gate will be provided with electromechanically locks which Will not allow the car to start until all the landing gates are closed Properly. This locks will also prevent opening of any gate if the car is not At the floor. How ever in case of emergency the landing gates can be Opened with the help of an emergency (De-Locking key ) device in Respective of the position of the elevators.


Final limit switches will be provided tout off power supply to the Controller in case the car over travels limits of its normal travel.


Controller in case the car over travels limits of its normal travel. Alarm bells will be installed to attract the attention of others in case the Elevators stops in between two floors.


An emergency stop switch will be provided in the car operating panel to Stop the car whenever required.


Free maintenance will be furnished for the period of 12 (twelve ) month commencing from the date,Elevators is handover to you for use. All work will be performed during our regular working hours , it will consist of regular examinations and if necessary adjustment lubrication of the equipment required under our direction and supervision. The required and parts will be furnished except such parts as may be need because of negligence, misuse or accident not cause by us. Upon your request, special examination and you agree to notify us promptly of any such trouble. No work or supervise other than specifically mentioned is included or intended.

We agree that, we do not assume possession or management of any parts of the equipment but such remains yours exclusive as the owner ( lessee ) thereof. We shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay caused by acts of government, strikes, lockout, fire, explosive, floods, riots, theft, civil commotion, war act of GOD or any cause beyond our reasonable control and if any event, we shall not be liable for consequential damages.


We undertake to replace or repair at our potion at our option any defective parts than need replacement or repair by reason of defective workmanship or defective material within a period of one year from the date of handing over our elevator to you.

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